Naughty Cat Ornament - "Broken Ornaments this Year" Christmas Tree Ornament

$15.00 $18.00

Cats are notorious for causing broken ornaments off the Christmas tree and around the house. They just can't help but be be lured by the shiny, dangling ornaments.

Our adorable Naughty Cat Ornament lets you  keep score of how many broken ornaments they've broken this year by placing one of the smaller numbered ornaments on the designated spot.

Each ornament comes with individually numbered ornaments (engraved 1-10), that are interchangeable with a velcro backing for easy removal and exchange.

These naughty cat ornaments will make great entertaining fun for adults and kids alike. Cute gift for Secret Santa and Stocking Stuffers! 

Laser cut and engraved from maple wood and measures a generous 3.5" wide.

Due to variations present in natural wood, your ornament may have slightly different grain lines, colors and and engrave lighter or darker than other ornaments. These are a result of each individual plank of wood used and are not to be considered flaws. These variations ensure that you are receiving a unique, and one of a kind gift!